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This concerns an essential part of the law with respect to gambling.

Access to class I and II gambling establishments (casinos and gaming machine halls) is forbidden for those persons under the age of 21, with the exception of adult staff members.

Access to class I and II gambling establishments is forbidden for magistrates, solicitors, bailiffs and members of the police force, except when carrying out their duties.

The Gambling commission shall deny access to gaming halls of class I and II gambling establishments to:

  • Those persons voluntarily requesting a ban. A request to cancel this ban should be made by registered post.
  • From the day the Gambling commission receives this registered letter a further three months must pass before a person may once again have access to casinos and gaming machine halls;
  • Those persons shown to be under age;
  • Those declared disabled by their legal representative or judicial counsellor;
  • Those persons who have been prohibited to carry out certain duties, professions or activities;
    Those with a mental illness for whom, according to a judicial decision, protection measures have been requested;


No person shall give players and gamblers any form of loan or credit or enter any transaction with them, be it in cash or materials, to finance a bet or a loss.

Those operating gambling establishments are obliged to inform clients of the ban on money lending, by displaying the information legibly and visibly in all areas accessible to the public, as specified in the first paragraph.


Cash machines are not allowed in gambling establishments. The use of credit cards (visa, diners club, American express,…) is prohibited in class II and III gambling establishments (gaming machine halls and drinking areas). The use of debit cards (Mister cash, bancontact,…) on the other hand is allowed in gaming machine halls.

Participation in gambling is only allowed using gambling chips and tokens paid for in cash, specific to the gaming establishment and exclusively distributed within the establishment by its staff, or using coins.

It is forbidden to offer free transport, meals, drinks and gifts to clients of class I, II and III gambling establishments or to offer such goods and services under their market value.


The King enforces measures focused on the development of an ethical code and public education with regard to the dangers inherent in gambling. In class I, II and III gambling establishments folders with information about gambling addiction, the telephone number of the 0800 helpline and addresses of counsellors should be visibly on display.


Access to gaming halls of class I and II gambling establishments is only authorised when the person concerned submits proof of identity and the operator registers his names in full, date of birth, birthplace, occupation and address in a register.

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