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Becoming an agent

Why become an agent?

Betcenter is an Austrian legal entity with a permanent base in Belgium, and has been operating on the Belgian sporting bet market since 2005. Under the management of Mr. Gerald Riedinger (bookmaker since 1982) and with its motivated team of sales and office managers, administrative and technical support, Betcenter has become one of the most popular bookmakers in Belgium. Betcenter is in continuous development, never standing still but remaining innovative, and is a constant reference on the Belgian market.

Betcenter is one of the few bookmakers operating on the Belgian market with the permission of the Ministry of Justice Gambling commission department

Betcenter works with high player quotas and gives high commission levels to shopkeepers.

Betcenter aims to extend its network further so that all sports fans, with a little insight, can try their luck in their neighbourhood and make a little money.

We are mainly interested in newspaper shops because of their long opening times, their motivation and business acumen.

Moreover we are the only bookmakers on the Belgian market offering the use of an ingenious scanning system, which simplifies the shopkeeper’s task considerably.

Do you have commercial acumen and want to increase your earnings, contact us here.


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